Research projects/contents

In our study group, we investigate factors influencing the disease course in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. In doing so, we focus on translational studies employing blood, tissue, and stool samples of patients. We want to answer questions about predictors of prognosis, about triggers of acute flares, and about pathogenic mechanisms. 

Close collaborations exist with the Institute of Pathology, the Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the Institute of Laboratory Medicine. For projects around the intestinal microbiome, we joined forces with the mucosal immunology group from the Department of Biomedical Research.

We are also actively involved in the pediatric SwissIBD Cohort Study, which prospectively follows pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease on an annual basis in whole Switzerland, as well as the Swiss AIH Cohort Study.
The PedNet Bern supports our prospective studies with their expertise in patient centered research.